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Classroom Learning Visits


Why do we need to do CLVs?

BIS have been conducting CLVs for the past 2 years to embed and develop a natural peer coaching model. Classroom learning visits are a valuable tool for staff professional development, particularly because their focus comes from the teacher. They build a community of trust and offer the chance to open up classroom practice to an audience wider than just your students. Think about all the great practice going on at school behind closed doors. 

How do I do a CLV? (5 step process)

  1. Research: Ask the teacher if your planned visit time is ideal to observe a lesson or check ManageBac as they may have tests or other tasks that may not be ideal. 

  2. Visit: The visit can be for 10 - 45 minutes and should not disrupt the normal flow of the class. Do not interact with students or the teacher while doing the CLV.

  3. Record: There are two forms to complete. 

    1. Record of your visit for admin: CLV record form

    2. Use the feedback template to record your observations to share with the teacher you are visiting

  4. Report: Share the feedback form with the teacher and their line manager. Make sure to provide the observed teacher the chance to ask questions or respond via email, in person, or on the form itself. 

  5. Reflect: Consider the lessons learned in your CLVs and use the new ideas to improve 'your own practice.

How many CLVs should I do?

  • Subject specialists: minimum of two per term. One should be in your section of school, and one in another area of school. For example, a maths teacher can observe another maths teacher AND a PYP homeroom class.

  • PYP homeroom and co-teachers: minimum of one CLV per term. 

  • Heads of Departments: minimum of one CLV per term for each member of their department. 

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