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Dreaming of 67a Bronirovannaya

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

You know you are in dystopia, when you are dreaming of going to school.

Current estimates are:

  • 5% chance of being open by 18 April,

  • 40% chance for 20 May

  • 90% chance for 24 August.

Predictions can change daily depending on the coronavirus situation in KG and worldwide, and actions of the government. We will open when the government allows schools to open. The school year will not be extended, so until we reopen we continue remote learning to provide the same or better learning experience as when we are in our armour (Бронированная). Local schools also have no extension to the school year and they are working now via remote learning. Even if we return to “armour” this term, we will continue remote learning for students who have left the country, so we will have to plan this approach, for at least some students, until the end of Term 4. If we are still remote learning in August, we have a brave new world, with its own challenges and opportunities. We should be prepared.

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